Einstein joker

Hi there. I’m John Frederick. I code web apps by day and blog by night. Plus the occasional night out on the town.

I recently moved to Colorado Springs, CO, where I work for a high-tech government contractor doing work that I am not allowed to discuss with you. Well, assuming you want to live 😉

For a geek like me, the problem with being a defense contractor is you can’t talk about a lot of the technology you’re doing with anyone.

Now, I’m a pretty extroverted guy, so I need some way to connect with others around the things I love to do! For me, my connections with people almost always involve some sort of technology.

So this blog is a public outlet for me to discuss all things tech. Here, I write about the new technologies that interest me and the products that are having an impact on society.

Right now my list of cool tech is kinda long. It includes:

  • software (all types)
  • consumer gadgets – especially smart phones, phablets and tablets
  • industrial technologies (my work gives me some insight on this)
  • mobile apps
  • smart watches
  • drones and UAVs
  • VR gear
  • cloud computing and hosting
  • the internet of things
  • 3D printing
  • new web development tools and technologies
  • security tools and services

I also like to delve into how tech professionals like me can take advantage of emerging technologies in our career. So I also write about:

  • Training (mostly online, self guided stuff)
  • Software
  • Hosting and Cloud Services
  • Graphics/Web Dev tools
  • and more

I hope you enjoy reading these subjects as much as I enjoy writing and learning about them.

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