Apparently, many Android apps are created with the primary objective of making your work a bit easier. There are currently thousands and thousands of these apps out there, implying that the prospect of choosing the best app can sometimes prove to be a daunting task.

Thankfully, if you are an Android phone owner, the article has got you covered, since it examines the best ten apps for Android phones. These ten apps can hugely revolutionize the functionality of your device, hence giving you an amazing experience. These apps are a must-have and must be downloaded whenever you acquire a new device.

The article has put together both the paid and free apps, so even if you decide to purchase either of them, you are rest assured that whatever you are getting is a worthwhile buy.

1. Google Duo.

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This is an app which may be soon a household name, or could fade into relative obscurity just as Google+, because as much as Google+ attempted to take on the might of Facebook, Google Duo is currently trying to overthrow Skype and FaceTime.

Google Duo is a free one-to-one app for video calling but boasts of some decent features that perhaps makes it a stand out performer. The ‘Knock Knock’ feature at its disposal enables you to see a live video feed of the caller, before answering.

Its end-to-end sports encryption works on both iOS and Android, a feature that puts it above FaceTime. It does not require individuals to set any account, but it simply needs your phone number, just like Whatsapp.

2. Solid Explorer File Manager.

Apps for Android

Even though file managers are not that exciting, they are quite useful, especially for individuals having lots of data stored on their Android phones. Google Play is never short of options, but Solid Explorer File Manager is arguably one of the best, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it is not limited to displaying just the local storage, but you can also link cloud storage accounts to it, hence allowing you to access, view and manage all of your online storage files in one place.

The app looks solid, with a material design-influenced interface, which is quite easy to navigate. It has a menu bar visible at the top, which allows you to quickly shift between storage sources, including photos, videos, and music, and folders which are displayed clearly.

However, the app is not free but comes with a fourteen-day free trial, so you can decide before putting any of your cash down.

3. JustWatch.

Apps for Android

JustWatch is a free app. It is true that between Amazon, iTunes, Netflix and a host of other services, there are many ways to watch legally contents that do not require you to be anywhere near a Television schedule. However, with different libraries and varied payment modes, finding the specific details you want can sometimes be tough.

With JustWatch app at your disposal, everything is simplified, as it lets you look for specific films or shows on all the available providers in your respective country. This enables you to watch exactly where and how you can view things. Additionally, it provides an updated list of new arrivals of your favorite services and any price drops and hence you can jump over the searching and just watch.

4. Isotope.

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If you are a student, you can bear with me that learning and mastering the periodic table can be a somewhat dull experience. However, Isotope app makes the whole process easier, thanks to its high-quality pictures of the elements, coupled with in-depth information that includes everything from the atomic number to their individual thermodynamic characteristics.

It is indeed a great company for science-oriented people, but its mere trivia and layout for each element makes it an engaging app for kids also.

The app is free, but for more detailed information and trivia and the other themes, there is a one-time one US Dollar in-app buy, which is worth considering.

5. Yahoo Weather.

Apps for Android

Yahoo Weather enables you to always get prepared for any weather changes. It regularly updates you about the weather, and what the weather is going to be like, which is pretty much important, as you can know how to dress accordingly. This is a must have an application, as it is free of charge.

6. Cerberus.

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Cerberus offers the best protection you can get from your Android device. It is an excellent anti-theft app that everybody should have. It can track all your stolen devices, and you can also use it to control your stolen devices through the website or with a message. It boasts of high-end features such as locate devices on a map, start alarm, lock and wipe data, capture pictures of the thief and backup data. You can wipe all the information from your device, lock it with a unique code. It comes with a free trial and a one-time upgrade fee of $0.99.

7. HoverChat.

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Everyone hates being interrupted in the middle of doing something. For example, you are watching your favorite movie and are forced to pose for a while, and respond to a message. With this app, you can look at a video through your device and at the same time have a conversation. Additionally, you can customize your messaging windows. It only costs as little as $3.99.

8. Pi Music Player.

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Currently, as it stands, there are very few music players that stand tall above the rest and perhaps Pi Music Player is one of them. It boasts of a unique and a simple layout with a classy material design-influenced look, with three complete themes so that you can design it to your own taste.

It is quite easy to use just as a simple player but has a sleep timer, a five-band equalizer, widgets, gesture controls and a smart tool meant to aid you to cut down your tracks into ringtones. This is on top of all the standard features you’d expect such as playlists, lock screen controls, and album artwork. Remarkably, the app is free too.

9. Dactyl.

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Everyone is a fan of cameras. Smartphone cameras are getting better and better each time, but there is one notable annoyance currently suffered by many, and this is the awkward nature of the shutter button.

Very few devices come with dedicated shutter keys, which imply that you are either forced to tap on the screen, which may obscure your viewfinder, or use the volume keys which might not be ideally located and pressing them may sometimes shake your device, leaving your shots out of focus.

Dactyl enables you to use your device’s fingerprint scanner to capture an image, implying that you don’t have to press any button and the phone won’t shake.

However, it has some few limitations, such as you must have a fingerprint scanner on your device and also, it doesn’t work with all camera apps even though it supports most of them, including Retrica, Z Camera, Open Camera and Google Camera. Dactyl only costs 0.99 US Dollars.

10. Google Maps.

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Google Maps is a must have app. Not only does it offer accurate and detailed maps of two hundred and twenty countries and territories at no cost, but is also packed with other enticing features.

Perhaps its Street View feature is unrivaled, as it gives you a street-level view of every place. It also provides directions, traffic information, voice-guided GPS navigation, business listings and other locational information plus a whole lot more. Bearing in mind that Google Maps is always being improved and updated, it could as well have all the features that it currently lacks.

The Bottom Line

There exist thousands of Android apps, each offering its unique features and importance. The apps described above are by far the best apps each Android device owner should have.

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