Listing my preferred iPhone productivity apps that are also FREE for becoming more creative with flashcards, manage your time with additional timers or reminders, conversion aids, keyboard short cuts, and automation of shopping lists. These various apps can help the professional at work, a busy mom with kids, or just your family with different needs.

Here Is My Roundup Of Great iPhone Apps


Authy is a smooth and convenient app for handling 2FA (two-factor authentication). 2FA is more conventional and can be used for internet accounts safety. When signing in, another layer of security gets you to enter a code generated by an app — one just the owner of a connected device can access.

The Authy interface is straightforward, humanizing this technology. Accounts are represented by large buttons with icons on. Tap one, … Read More

Best Apps For Families

Most families now have some electronic portable device in their household that family members use. Many families have laptops, iPads / tablets, or smartphones for everyone. Children may use it for homework, online class work, fun past time on social media, or regular communications.  How do parents figure out which ones are the best apps for families?

These gadgets can download some helpful, fun, and functional apps for their users. Luckily, there are now countless apps from developers – both mainstream and independent – with different areas to help families.

The following list looks at the must-have apps in different categories. Some are fun for all the family, while others are more practical.… Read More

Apps for Android

Apparently, many Android apps are created with the primary objective of making your work a bit easier. There are currently thousands and thousands of these apps out there, implying that the prospect of choosing the best app can sometimes prove to be a daunting task.

Thankfully, if you are an Android phone owner, the article has got you covered, since it examines the best ten apps for Android phones. These ten apps can hugely revolutionize the functionality of your device, hence giving you an amazing experience. These apps are a must-have and must be downloaded whenever you acquire a new device.

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app overload disorder

Do you suffer from AOD (App Overload Disorder)?

I do, brother. Can I get a witness?

AOD is a horrible, stifling disease characterized by an excessive amount of time spent every day to maintain an apps habit.

The symptoms of AOD include:

  • you have more than 50 Chrome tabs open right now
  • your phone, tablet and laptop are always running out of memory
  • you upgraded to a paid Dropbox/iCloud account – to make room for apps
  • it takes you 2 hours to groom your apps in iTunes
  • you check IFTTT daily to make sure your recipes are working
  • you stay awake at night wondering when if you backed up your keyword passbook
  • your hands are permanently disfigured through constant typing of user names and passwords

I love my apps! But they’re killing me.

I use … Read More