new graphics card called Turing

The unveiling of the new Turing is a significant development that seeks to reinvent computer graphics. According to Jensen Huang, NVIDIA CEO, ray-traced graphics and interactive graphics operated by GPUs provide speed and responsiveness.

These two components now function as a single entity in this significant development since the 2006 invention of the CUDA GPU. Turing is NVIDIA’s eight-generation GPU architecture which brings ray tracing to real-time graphics.

Huang also presented the first Turing-based GPUs which include the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000, Quadro RTX 6000 and Quadro RTX 8000. These components also come with a Quadro RTX server to revolutionize the $250 billion visual industry.

The new turing is a positive step in realism, and it also changes the development of computer graphics. The system vendors that will support the latest line of Quadro … Read More

Computer Graphic Card

The console games and smartphone games have become very popular in the recent times.  Although, PC gaming still stands the test of time as there is an army of millions of PC gamers across the globe.

The kind of experience that you can expect from a PC is unmatched, and unlike gaming consoles, you only need to upgrade your graphics card, most of the time, if you want to play games that demand a lot of power and memory.

Every PC gamer understands the importance of graphics cards. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) drives the performance of games that you install on your system. As the gaming technologies continue to advance every year, GPUs need upgradations more frequently than the CPUs.… Read More

Computer Graphics

Defining 3-D Computer Graphics

3- D computer graphics is a field of computer science dealing with displaying 3-dimensional objects in a two dimension space for example on a screen. They utilize a three- dimension representation using geometry which is typically stored in digital computer read only.

Real life objects are entered into the computer and converted to 3-D graphics using special software. Almost the same algorithms like that of 2-D are used to make the 3-D graphics except for some few added features.Read More