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The subject of web hosting may be the most underrated part of the World Wide Web. Everything you love about the web –podcasts, memes, posts, tweets, sites, online gambling, and Netflix content- resides on a server that an individual or company is responsible to keep up and run so you may access it. Web hosting is an invisible yet crucial element of the online experience.

If you’re considering, say, starting a website, you ought to know about numerous basic web hosting aspects before starting the job. Though it’s relatively easy to register and use a provider’s provided website-building software to quickly create an appealing, functional front end, there are many related terms and concepts to wrap your head around.

As you will soon see, some of it’s complicated, if not completely contradictory. Here is what … Read More

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Any business that wants to start the new year right needs to make sure they have the best possible online presence. The year 2018 could be the year that you finally break away from competitors with the best products, services, and customer experience. Or, 2018 could be the year when they break away from you because you failed to keep up.  January is the perfect time to give your company website an audit. Check web hosting service, Load speed, look and feel, and continue to go over every aspect with a fine-tooth comb to locate problems and hidden bugs.

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If you need to build your very own website or blog, you need to learn how to pick a web host, or web hosting company. This topic may seem intimidating, especially if you aren’t very technical or if you are trying to build your first website or blog for your domain name. This article will help you understand what to you need to know to make an informed decision about picking a hosting company without overwhelming you.… Read More

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Have you ever had a light bulb moment, where an excellent idea for a website pops into your head – and all you needed was a place to host it, cheap?

You probably went to Google as a next step and typed in “free web hosting” or something along those lines. I know I have.

The path from getting your idea on paper to launching your own web site is riddled with potential pitfalls. To save you time and frustration, here’s what I learned in most recent my quest to find the best possible web hosting service for this blog.

The first few results in any online search for a web host are usually some sort of a free web hosting service. Free web hosting services operate on the principle of giving you something until … Read More