There is no denying that many parts of the world are experiencing heat waves and humidity levels never seen before. The situation may get worse; well, at least according to the recent reports which suggest that we may experience global warming, which causes more extreme heat and high humidity. Portable air conditioners are very helpful in controlling room temperatures, especially when you have a smaller home or live in an apartment.

Given this, I have compiled a list of 4 portable air conditioners which would work perfectly to keep the temperatures and humidity levels in check; especially if you stay on campus in an older dormitory room.… Read More

dorm room stereo - my dad's dorm room in the early 80s

While an expensive stereo system will give you quality sound, not many students can afford the high price tags.

After all, setting up a dorm requires spending hundreds on shelving, a laptop, bedding, new clothes and maybe even a fancy new Casper mattress – depending on the hall.

But just because your stereo is on the bottom of your priority list, a limited budget doesn’t mean your dorm room should remain dull and boring.

There are several brands of stereo speakers that are super-affordable and will deliver exceptionally great sound quality.

Here are four that you should seriously consider.… Read More

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The Rise of Direct-to-Consumer DNA Tests

While new scientific discoveries are made all the time, not many of them manage to find their way into the consumer market as quickly as DNA testing has.

Since scientists finished mapping the human genome and identifying specific genetic markers for heritable traits, a whole industry has exploded onto the scene to sell the technology directly to consumers.

In this article, I explain some of the reasons why this has been possible and some of the consumer applications of DNA testing.

Traditionally, one had to go to a medical professional in a hospital or clinic to get a DNA test done. In direct to consumer (DTC) DNA testing however, a person can completely bypass a medical professional and access DNA testing directly.

The biggest factor behind the rise of … Read More