powerful Apple Apps for students

Come August school will be starting up again. You need to know about the best tools you can use at home or in class to help you be a better student, like these Apple apps. However, things might be somewhat different this year, with many campuses still doing online classes when possible. You’ll want an arsenal of powerful apps that will help you get through every semester or quarter, so below are a few of my favorites!

Powerful Apple Apps Every Student Must Have!

1. 3D Brain

The 3D Brain app lets you’ve got a comprehensive look into the 29 interactive structures of the human mind just by drag and rotate the activity of your touch screen. Students can find an idea about how the harms of specific brain regions affect the individual’s health.

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Free Antivirus Software

Anti-virus software is an essential tool for any computer. It is comforting to know that there is a program working away in the background, dealing with threats without too much hassle.

Some businesses and self-employed workers will assume that they need to pay out for expensive premium solutions. Premium, all-inclusive options can seem like the best approach for anti-virus software . This is because of their comprehensive coverage.

However, there is also a series of important, free programs that do more than many users may assume. Below are five of the best free anti-virus products around.… Read More

Free Photo Editing Software

Best Free Photo Editing Software For Mac

Though Adobe Photoshop remains the best software in the market in offering advanced photo editing tools, it is pretty expensive for most folks and requires more commitment if not training to use. However, Mac’s free photo editing tools have become a big deal on most iPhones, iPad, and smartphones.

They have some features that enable you to add filters, set white balance, adjust lighting & color and many more effects to your snaps. This is why we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best 10 photo editing apps for Mac. The good news is that they are all free.

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Antivirus programs don’t work like you think they do.

antivirus programs

Do you understand what you’re buying?

The software companies won’t always tell you this, but there are three big gaps in antivirus (AV) protection that you probably don’t want to know about – but you really should.

The reality is, antivirus software is just the icing on the cake when it comes to protecting yourself from nefarious types who want to steal your identity, your credit cards and the right to access your hard drive.… Read More

code javascript

Learning how to code used to be boring. But not anymore CodeAcademy.org sort of broke the mold with their wildly popular 10-hour course for learning how to code in Javascript. Over 24 million people have taken this course!

Today, they offer courses on Python, CSS, and lots more.  Following their lead, more fun and educational programs have come online to help budding/aspiring developers to take the plunge.

All of the courses below are clever in motivating you through constant positive feedback. I think they’re fun. I wish I’d had them when I got started. Or maybe not, because there would be many more coders to compete with!

Here are the three best FREE self-guided programming courses available today. Enjoy!… Read More

I am a training god

I’ve been teaching others how to develop LAMP and web apps for over 5 years.

It’s in my job description.

And with the engineering turnover every company experiences, training is a constant state of being for guys like me.

I used to custom-build my training materials by hand for new recruits. The result was a burning need to take Adderall among my students.

So, I always thought getting access to pre-packaged education courses would be a God send. Well, it is!

These days, the quality and availability of FREE online training for professional developers have come so far in such a short time that I regularly incorporate outside training courses on the job.… Read More


There are 100s of LAMP Development Tools Available Today.

But if you are just getting into developing web apps using Linux-Apache-MySQL-php – or any variation on the theme – which tools should you choose as your go-to arsenal?

I’ve been developing LAMP stack apps for about 7 years now. These days, I teach and supervise as much as I code. But I’m a pretty experienced engineer.

Listed below are my favorites utilities and apps for newbie LAMP developers. They all have a bit of a learning curve that pays off later, when you burn the oil all night.

Five Gotta-Have LAMP Dev Tools

In order to develop LAMP/MAMP/XAMPP apps you’ll need at least five types of tools in your kit. These include:

  1. A local development environment (LDE)
  2. An integrated development environment (IDE)
  3. Database tools
  4. Internet
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Learn How To Code In A New Language, At Your Own Pace

Here’s a list of interactive programming courses online. No matter what your interest, you should find something here.

Most of these courses are self-paced, interactive and lesson-based, so you can fit them into your busy schedule.

Website Language Lessons
http://nova.umuc.edu/~jarc/sdsd/ C++ Yes
http://4clojure.com/ Clojure Yes
http://tryclj.com/ Clojure Yes
http://css3please.com/ CSS No
http://dabblet.com/ CSS No
http://teamtreehouse.com/ CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Objective-C, XCode Yes, with payment
http://tinkerbin.com/ CSS, HTML, JavaScript No
http://w3schools.com/ CSS, HTML, JavaScript Yes
http://tryfsharp.org/ F# Yes
http://golang.org/ Go Yes
http://tryhaskell.org/ Haskell Yes
http://jsfiddle.net/ HTML, JavaScript No
http://codingbat.com/ Java, Python Yes
http://codecademy.com/ JavaScript Yes
http://codetowin.appspot.com/ JavaScript Yes
http://trybloc.com/ JavaScript, Ruby Yes
http://eloquentjavascript.net/ JavaScript Yes
http://learn.appendto.com/ JavaScript, jQuery Yes
http://ugcs.caltech.edu/~rona/tlisp/ Lisp No
http://try.ocamlpro.com/ OCaml Yes
http://repl.it/ 15+ Languages No
http://ideone.com/ 40+ Languages No
http://codepad.org/ 10+
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