Are you buying for a gadget-loving family member or friend? Tech gifts are a few of the most attractive and intriguing presents out there. But if you are not considering any tech gifts this year due to high price tag worries, you may want to think twice after seeing our gift selections for technology fans, some of the things will fit inside their Christmas stocking.

Our comprehensive list of the greatest gifts for techies includes wireless gifts, foldable keyboards, along with gifts that will please the receiving person who has everything. Whether you’re searching for tech gifts for a woman, a man, or a kid, you’ll discover the best choices here to satisfy the pickiest person on your list.

Cool Tech Gifts For This Holiday Season

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1. Electronic Word Clock

Display time in a totally new way with this electronic word clock. Offered in copper or black color, the small-sized clock boasts LED display lights that alert you to the time in five-minute intervals.

2. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Have a call, queue up a podcast, or song out with a playlist with the help of these noise-blocking headsets. Offered in black or silver, each lightweight, the voice-assisted set is optimized for Google Assistant. It can block up to 11 degrees of sound.

3. Solitaire Cards

For the enthusiast who enjoys a good diversion but needs a brief reprieve from the screen frequently, these playing cards have been formed after the solitaire cards utilized in the original Windows 3.0 (the cards are all enclosed inside of a box that looks like the classic desktop icon, too!).

4. Pac-Man Connect and Play Remote

With this old-school joystick, the technology enthusiast in your life can play his or her beloved childhood video game on almost any TV.

5. Fitbit Flyer Wireless Headphones

Now that Apple has excluded the headphone jack, the hunt is on for the pair of Bluetooth headphones that are comfortable and trendy for listening to your desired music on the treadmill to your table. Enter the Fitbit Flyer headphones: a sweat-proof, sleek set that comes in two colors with a built-in microphone, an adjustable cable, and more high-tech features.

6. Gear 360

Move over, panorama. This tech gift allows your photography-obsessed loved ones to share 360-degree photos and videos from the all-seeing camera easily.

7. Skinnydip Laptop Sleeve

Stash away your laptop in this faux-leather sleeve. Decorated with flowers and equipped with an internal pocket, it’s a smart tech gift that’s only as chic as it is operative.

8. Beddi Glow Alarm Clock

Boost your giftee to wake up and shine with the help of this high-tech alarm clock that comprises a sunrise-simulating light, steadily increasing alarm tone, and Bluetooth speaker.

9. iOttie Wireless Compact Fast Charging Pad

Nothing makes a space from streamlined to clutter quicker than a clutter of wires. Plus, an abandoned nest of cords can make it remarkably difficult to grab your charger and take it on the go. Add style points to tables with this ideal gift for tech fans: a small charging pad which ups your battery life in a modern way.

10. Nintendo Alter

Present the gift of nostalgia with this throwback gaming console. Connect with game lovers from all over the world using the remote’s WiFi connectivity and, if you desire a monitor, simply take the support of the Nintendo’s removable touchscreen.

11. Eero

When you think about tech gifts, this smart take on the router knows that in this era, at this age, the very best gift is reliable, speedy WiFi. Eero’s advanced system covers each spot of your house (backyard included) in a Wi-Fi “mesh,” using an easy plug-and-play installation. Instead of calling their Internet provider if something goes wrong, your buddies can troubleshoot this technology gift using a user-friendly app or get assistance from Eero’s staff in an average of one minute.

12. KOHLER Moxie 1-Spray Showerhead

It has never been easier (or, in the very least, it has never been more pleasure) to take a song while lathering up. This smooth showerhead includes a clip-on water-resistant speaker which syncs with smartphones, MP3 players, tablet computers, or laptops (provided that they are within 32 feet of the showerhead) using Bluetooth technology to stream audio wirelessly.

13. Casper The Glow Light

Tired techies will rule over this bedside glow light. Produced with quality sleep in mind, all self-dimming light tapers out with time, providing a deeper, better snooze.

14. Sonos Move Speaker

Battery-powered, durable, and powerful, the Sonos Move is perfect for outdoor and indoor listening. Sonos’ speaker stands for Its drop-resistant and weatherproof design, plus you can control playback using your voice, and stream via Bluetooth when WiFi isn’t an option.

15. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s most advanced voice-controlled gadget loads many useful characteristics to help make daily tasks a bit easier. Use voice commands to ask Alexa to set alarms, control in-home devices, read the news, and check the weather. The all-new Echo Dot comes in new colors and fabric designs, such as charcoal, heather gray, and sandstone.

16. GoPro Hero Waterproof Action Camera

This tiny camera is manufactured to withstand the elements–water, snow, and sand (it can probably handle toddlers also)–so tech fans can shoot any experience and share it with friends and loved ones. A free companion app, which can be used with both iOS and Android devices, makes it easy to move wirelessly, edit, watch high-quality photos (8 megapixels) and video (resolutions of 1080p60, 1440p30, and 720p100), and share picture or stills on all your favorite social media channels. A range of mounts and accessories — voice-activated helmet mount, remote, screen protectors, and more—are also available for an additional cost.

17. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

One more gadget to add to your list of ideas for cool birthday presents or best tech Christmas presents, and this printer allows you to capture and share photos in a minute. Connect your iPad, smartphone, and Android, iPod Touch, or another device to the lightweight, mobile device (it weighs just over six ounces) by NFC (near-field communication) or Bluetooth, and then edit and print your personal snapshots. You can also add emojis or a password-protected QR code to share secret messages.

18. BentoStack Tech Travel Case

Formed after a Japanese bento box, this sleek, stackable organizer meets all your tech requirements. Chargers, stash cords, and USB ports in this small-size container while traveling, or keep the box on your desk for a more smooth space.

19. Rabbit Charger

Charge gadgets more efficiently with this latest charging system. A retractable cable, LED ambient lighting, and swappable charging hints make phone-charging that much simpler. The unit can power up multiple gadgets at the same time, which makes perfect for tech gifts.

20. Lenovo Smart Screen

When it comes to tech gifts enthusiasts, you aspire to wow them with a device that does more than they expect. More than only a hub for smart home gadgets, the new Lenovo Smart Displays comes equipped with a Google Assistant built-in, which means you go about your day with ease. Not only does the hands-free screen provide any questions with answers, but it is easy to access the weather, your schedule, and videos with just your voice.

So this is my listing of the cool electronic gifts to give to your Tech lover, this list will work any time of the year but especially during the holidays.

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