10 Awesome Christmas Gifts for the Nerd in your Life

Everyone’s got an inner nerd somewhere deep in themselves. Trying to find a gift for a nerd that perhaps shows his colors a little more on the surface than you, can be challenge. Trying to find the best Christmas gifts for geeks isn’t a difficult task though if you know where to look. This list of items are all available through Amazon and are all worth of geeking out over. Check it out.

Albert Einstein Action Figure – $35.00

best christmas giftInstead of shelling out for the next superhero trend, forego the obvious and dig a little deeper. This five-inch figure is timeless and will suit any geek collection. Purchase this for the little physicist that’s trapped inside of your favorite geek. Complete with his Einstein sweater and Einstein wacky haircut, this little fellow will put a smile even on the coldest of nerds. The perfect gift to find under the tree come Christmas morning!

Kotobukiya Star Wars: Lightsaber Chopsticks Set: Yoda and Vader – $63.19

Take in some Chinese food on your Christmas vacation and pull these guys out. Watch your geek keel over and remain in a stunned state of amazement for multiple days at the sheer awesomeness of lightsaber chopsticks! Green Yoda and Red Vader, these are reusable chopsticks are sure to have an impression on any Star Wars fun and make for a fine gift. Note: These were manufactured more for display purposes than for functionality. It may be best to keep it in its’ original packaging. Hint. Hint.

Circuit Board Coasters In Tin, Set Of 6 – $19.99

When the word “fun” comes up in conversation, the idea of using a coaster certainly isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.. at least not until now. These collectable coasters are manufactured from real computer circuit boards which were collected from landfills throughout the United States. Any nerd that’s into the Motherboard aesthetic will adore these. If you got a techie geek somewhere amongst your family and friends, this is an affordable Christmas gift for the nerd in them.

Spectrum 16: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art by Arnie Fenner – $35.96  Hardcover& $24.90 Paperback

Let the nerd flag fly with Spectrum 16’s art book to excited fans from all over the world with profiles on artists including those from Star Wars, Ice Age, and Rolling Stone among a roster that eclipses 400. For the nerd that’s into the visual aspect of comic books and similar geek paraphernalia, this is the ultimate purchase for anyone looking to keep up with the latest in the culture.

Deluxe Jedi Robe Costume – Standard – Chest Size 40-44 – $37.02

Jedi Robe Christmas Gifts for nerds

No Jedi is complete without the wardrobe to match their inner force and this robe is ensure to give them the confidence that your Jedi needs to slay even the most immovable of beasts! Any Star Wars nerd knows that it’s not merely an interest or a passion but a way of life. If you have lost one or more family members to the world of Star Wars, this is the perfect Christmas gift to bring them back down to Earth.

Star Wars: Princess Leia as Slave Girl Poster (Rolled) 24″ x 36″ – $10.49

Awaken the nerd from his slumber with this tame yet suggestive poster of the ultimate dream girl for nerds – Princess Leia! This makes the perfect Christmas gift for any nerds that have recently come to the dark side and uncovered the Star Wars collection. Raise a cup to the sexual awakenings of geeks around the world with this Slave Girl poster and in all likelihood, never see your geek again as they may be.. busy.. for quite some time.

Back to the Future: Flux Capacitor Replica Unlimited Edition – $399.99

The Back to the Future trilogy of films is a favorite among geeks everywhere and for the super geek who has a particular obsession for the film, this Flux Capacitor replica is the ultimate gift. Complete with a Certificate of Authenticity and with features that mimic the same lighting effects that were used in the film, if you’re a collection of geek film memorabilia, this is a must-have for anyone to add to their collection.

Futurama: The Complete Collection DVD – $115.99

Perhaps the greatest animated show that never really captured the ratings it was meant to capture but one that nevertheless remains a cult favorite as it airs in repeats around the world, get EVERY episode in this collection. The geek that stays up late to catch the reruns on T.V., there’s no reason to with this collection. No Futurama addiction is complete without this addition. A must-have at the Christmas season and something that will be sure to turn on the excitement in any nerd with an affinity for Matt Groening’s creations.

Anatomically Correct Milk Chocolate Heart – $24.99

Screw romance. The Valentine’s Day heart is nothing in comparison to the real thing. Want to romance a geek then spring this anatomically correct heart on them and watch them curl into place. Or if you have a geek doctor friend that you’re looking to make an impression on, this Christmas gift is sure to land yourself a laugh at the table. Complete with a nice gift box, wrapped, and ready for delivery, you know that not only does the chocolate taste amazing but it’s coming from the right place this time around.

Fisher Space NonReflective Military Cap-O-Matic Space Pen, Matte Black (SM4B) – $11.17

One of the most versatile and unique pens ever made, this space pen can write from any angle and that includes in zero gravity situations! Assembled with only the utmost attention to detail, tested, and complete with a lifetime guarantee, this brass and steel constructed goodie can write in any temperature between -30F and 250F. This is a true space pen and will be sure to bring a smile to the face of nerds of any age.

When you’re in the market for some of the best Christmas gifts for nerds this holiday season, be sure to check out each of these items. All are available for purchase through Amazon.

Know your nerd. If Star Wars is their thing then you know what kind of route you want to take. If it’s Back to the Future and they’re of an older age then you may want to seek out the memorabilia featured above. If it’s for a younger nerd, a space pen may be enough to make them say “wooow! That’s coooool!” Visit Amazon today for any of the Christmas gifts featured here in our top ten.

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