Is The New Apple Watch A Lemon?

Many probably wonder what Steve Jobs is thinking right now about the future of Apple (RIP).  Late last year, Tim Cook announced what he and Apple investors thought would be an innovative huge hit in today’s market for tech wearables, the Apple Watch.

The fact is, though, the media is not impressed. Lukewarm would best describe the reception from most. Here are a few of the most prominent media takes on the new watch.

PC Mag: Why I Won’t Be Buying an Apple Watch

This PC Magazine article explains that a watch just needs to be a watch. We have phones, tablets and laptops to carry us into the world of the web. We do not need a watch doing the same thing. We need a watch to tell us what time it is.

It also points out that the watch is not waterproof, yet it costs $350 which is more expensive than the iPhone 6. You need the iPhone 6 to use the Apple Watch, so the accessory is more expensive than the more functional, base device.

Marketwatch: 3 Good Reasons Not to Buy the Apple Watch

The author of Marketwatch makes a few great points. She notes there will be many kinks which will all need to be worked out, so a person would be wise in waiting. Second, as PC Mag noted, $350 is just too high, when you can buy the iPhone 6 cheaper. Lastly, it is an accessory. You don’t have to have the Apple Watch. There are necessities and accessories, and the Apple Watch is the latter.

Mashable: Why I Won’t Buy an Apple Watch

Mashable’s article author says he has lived without a smartwatch until now, why does he really need one? A but Luddite of him, as that’s exactly what everyone said about the iPhone when it was released.

He feels that with all the so-called “perks” of the Apple Watch, it is bound to create more stress. Many have already shown that we need less technology, not more. Having a watch that informs you that you ate too many calories so you need to run a mile longer – but you have a meeting in 12 minutes – could be the recipe for a heart attack; not from the calories, but from the stress your watch is causing.

He also tells us the best point of all when he says, “I will probably end up breaking the damn thing.” Consider the watches you have owned; how long before you broke them?

CNBC: Investors Say ‘iMeh’ to Apple Watch

The author at CNBC pointed out that Apple’s stock did not do what was predicted when the Apple Watch was announced. The device may have some great features, but the fact that it has to be used in conjunction with the iPhone 6 hurts the image of the Apple Watch.

The fact that it cannot work alone makes this product look as it could have the possibilities of being an Apple dud.


Extreme Tech: Does Anyone Want an Apple Watch?

The author of Extreme Tech starts this column with a positive approach.  Yes, the watch is beautiful and is arguably a good buy at $350, but will people use it? Will it be one of those items that are used 1 or 2 times, and then put in a drawer?

The author asks the ultimate question: Would you wear a smartwatch?

If you wear a top-of-the-line Swiss watch now, would you really exchange, and if you do not wear a watch at all, do you want to start? It really comes down to common sense, will you really wear it? Will you really use it? Oh, and will the battery cause you stress with its short span of holding a charge.

Most of the recent smartwatch reviews are rooted in the fact that the Apple Watch needs an iPhone 6 to operate. The consensus is that Apple needs to make the Apple Watch operational without the iPhone 6. If this can be done, people will feel they have to own one.

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