Best Free Photo Editing Software For Mac

Though Adobe Photoshop remains the best software in the market in offering advanced photo editing tools, it is pretty expensive for most folks and requires more commitment if not training to use. However, Mac’s free photo editing tools have become a big deal on most iPhones, iPad, and smartphones.

They have some features that enable you to add filters, set white balance, adjust lighting & color and many more effects to your snaps. This is why we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best 10 photo editing apps for Mac. The good news is that they are all free.

Looking forward to becoming a robust photo editor? Try the following apps. If you feel we have missed out on your best app, perhaps you haven’t read between the lines.


Free Photo Editing Software

This is the best free photo editing software that is ready for any task. That doesn’t mean it lacks some crashes and glitches; it just beats its competitors in featuring a full-featured cross-platform. It has a user-friendly interface that any user would love. It is regularly updated with better features and works on many operating systems.

It is a great open-source image editor that will tackle tasks such as image composition, photo retouch, authoring, color addition and much more. I highly recommend it to pro designers that aren’t willing to part with any bucks.

2. Paint. NET

Free Photo Editing Software

This photo editing tool was mentored by Microsoft but has advanced over the years to offer more than we can expect from any free software. Interface-wise, it is a great tool that lets you do some little tasks. If your computer feels the shortage of weaker RAM, this clone of Pinta will work for you. One incredible feature of the Paint.

NET is the “unlimited undo” tool that lets you roll back all your photo editing effects. There are numerous plugins, raft of filters, layer tools and 3D zoom functions to explore. This free photo editing tool is also capable of handling some of the similar tasks as Photoshop. It is worth giving a try.

3. PhotoScape

Free Photo Editing Software

PhotoScape is a bit sophisticated and fully packed with features that go beyond the ordinary free photo editing. A single glance at the app reveals there is so much that the software got to offer. It is among the few esoteric photo editing apps that we have today.

Besides photo editing, this enviable free tool handles merging, photo-splitting, the creation of animated GIF and RAW conversion. Of all the free Mac’s photo editing tools, we can say this one slightly falls short of the Photoshop standards. Even though beginners may find it hard at the start, this tool gives impressive results to any snap lover.

4. Google Nik Collection

Free Photo Editing Software

The advanced Nik Collection photo editing tool always reminds the worlds how the unexpected can sometimes happen, just like Trump’s presidential win. This most advanced desktop editing software was once offered by Google and was going at $500. Surprisingly, it is now free.

This must have been pretty good news to million designers. If you are looking for something that will offer you exclusive photo editing tools, then this is it. It has some plugins that enable you to make the most out of your snaps. These includes:

  • Analog Efex for lens and film emulation
  • Color Efex Pro that provides tons of filter
  • Silver Efex that is a monochrome converter
  • Viveza for color alteration
  • HDR Efex the sharpener

I highly recommend this full-featured image editing tool from Google. It is so great that you will be surprised it doesn’t cost a penny.

5. Pixlr

Free Photo Editing Software

This is overall an interesting free photo editing tool that is known for its straightforward modern interface. If you love taking your talk to social networking, we couldn’t suggest anything better. It is popular for its painterly effects even though there are other pretty cool features.

It is a creative app that you can use to stain pictures, put creative overlays, use masks, filters and even enjoy fullscreen mode. It is a one-click app that can make a huge difference in your snaps.

6. Fotor

Free Photo Editing Software

Fotor is an incredibly easy app to use. It gives an opportunity to enjoy simple tools like retouching and color tweaks but lacks the high-end tools. Nevertheless, you can use it to fix washed out photos, do some white balance and correct handshake effects.

The good part of this app is its batch-processing tools that enable you to edit a pile of photos in one ago. Desiring more high-end tools? Spend $3 per month and add more effects to Fotor.

Feeling intimidated with high-end apps, try Fotor, and you will feel there is no better pro than you in the whole world.

7. Vintager

Free Photo Editing Software

If classic vintage is your style, you can’t do much without this photo editing tool. Vintager has enabled millions of Instagram users to create fancy photos around the world. Even this Instagram version won’t give you everything you would possibly need, it will offer quick access to incredible tools.

You can use this simple app to do filters & overlays, enjoy photo collage mode, color balance and make borders to get the perfect look on your snaps. If hitting the social media is your thing, then you better enjoy the cool features of Vintager for free.

8. Sumo Paint

Free Photo Editing Software

Sumo is a browser-based tool that will give your photos a boost but with a minimalist feel. It has gained popularity in the recent years for being good at what it does. It may not give you everything you would have probably wished for,

but still, it can add some creativity once it sits in your browser. It has a layout that most Adobe users will find more engaging and easy to understand. It has some symmetry tools and polygonal shapes that you can use to stir things up.

9. IrfanView

Free Photo Editing Software

This app is predominantly known to be an image-viewer due to its limited editing tools. However, it is a useful tool that does a couple of things not done by other free Mac’s photo editing tools. For instance, it supports Adobe Photoshop filter and also works great for screen capturing. It works great as a hosting tool for other photo-editing apps.

10. On1 Effects 10 Free

Free Photo Editing Software

This is another incredible app that you can use to hide the honesty of your photos if not boost them. Its interface provides a great and unique way of applying effects to certain areas of your photos.

The brilliant methodology that allows you to mask off parts of your photo is the reason everyone loves this software. It is a full-featured app that is slightly diminished but still lets you use tools such as HDR, filter range, vignette, vintage, and glow. Overall, it is worth trying if you love having vibrant-looking pics.

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