Come August school will be starting up again. You need to know about the best tools you can use at home or in class to help you be a better student, like these Apple apps. However, things might be somewhat different this year, with many campuses still doing online classes when possible. You’ll want an arsenal of powerful apps that will help you get through every semester or quarter, so below are a few of my favorites!

Powerful Apple Apps Every Student Must Have!

1. 3D Brain

The 3D Brain app lets you’ve got a comprehensive look into the 29 interactive structures of the human mind just by drag and rotate the activity of your touch screen. Students can find an idea about how the harms of specific brain regions affect the individual’s health.

These interactive structures provide detailed notes about the functions, case studies, ailments, and links related to a recent study by simply tapping on the desired area.

2. Best Hat Lecture

This education app enables an interactive lecture experience in classrooms, and the majority of the professors enjoy this tool. Top Hat Lecture converts your mobile into an interactive learning tool to supply an engaging classroom experience.

Students can see the teaching slides onto their device synchronously in real-time once the teacher moves the slide inside her device. Teachers also use this choice to offer interactive activities such as multiple selection, sorting, numeric response, word response, and click-on-image.

This app also enables polling and discussions, automated attendance, and real-time feedback of lecture periods.

3. Bloomz

This is a perfect app for parent communications which helps teachers save time for quality education and other productive classroom tasks.

Bloomz lets teachers securely share important classroom or information updates with parents easily. It is possible to communicate with parents nearly immediately using this messaging facility.

Also, signing up volunteers and coordinating events is a lot easier with this app. Teachers also use this app to offer alert notifications for emergency issues.

4. Dropbox

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You’re bound to end up with many documents and files for faculty so that you will want a fantastic cloud storage service. Among our favorites is Dropbox because as soon as you upload your files to Dropbox, you can get them on any device. Dropbox has seamless integration with many existing third-party apps, giving you a lot of flexibility when choosing what apps to use to get things done. You can even share documents with others quite readily, making this an excellent tool for collaboration.

Dropbox features a free tier with 2GB of storage, which is not a lot, but you can get more space with referrals. However, we recommend registering for one of the tiered plans, which begins at 2TB for $12 per month. Taking into consideration the ubiquity and flexibility, Dropbox is well worth paying.

5. EDPuzzle

Video sessions in your classrooms can be much interactive and interesting with this education app. The puzzle app lets students experience learning through videos beyond the classroom by logging in to the app.

You can get video assignments at home with sound notes and queries and go through videos to assess your level of comprehension before solving the puzzles.

6. Elevate

This is a brain-training program that could enhance your focus, memory, processing speed, talking abilities, math skills, and far more.

Elevate runs a personalized training program that changes over the period to be able to maximize outcomes. The normal use of the app can improve your critical cognitive skills, raising self-confidence and productivity.

The app comprises 40+ games, personalized daily workouts, and adaptive difficulty progression to provide a challenging workout.

7. Evernote

When it comes to electronic note-taking, it is challenging to beat Evernote. Not only is it accessible on iPhone and iPad, but it’s also available on Android, PC, and Mac, and the net — so you can get it anywhere.

Evernote lets you create laptops for effortless organization, and notes may include plain text, formatted text, internet snippets in the clipper, photos, entire web pages, sound — you name it. And the significant part is that all that you put into Evernote get searchable so that you can search by keyword to locate what you require. There’s seamless syncing across all your devices, and even though there are paid programs, you need to have a fantastic quantity of space for free each month.

8. Flashcards+

With this free flashcard maker, you can learn more quickly and top even the toughest classes effortlessly. Flashcards+ is an online notecard tool that serves best for high school pupils handling hard subjects.

These Flashcards can be seen in your Apple Watch as well. They may be made in 22 languages with help for dialect, pronunciation & speech rate.

9. The Homework App

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Students can prevent the fear of forgetting or timely completion of the house works with this remarkable app. The Homework App can help add, view, and complete the homework in a far easier way.

Your homework projects can be coordinated better, and you will find choices to add sub-tasks for functions that have several measures to complete.

To highlight the importance of particular tasks, it is possible to take snaps or color code. The reminders help you see the homework due, and a calendar section enables you to schedule your tasks.

10. iTunes U

Even though you might have your classes to worry about, there is nothing wrong with having access to supplemental learning materials. That’s where iTunes U comes in — and you do not even have to be going to school to use this one.

With iTunes U, you will have access to a vast selection of educational content in public classes from many different schools, museums, universities, and even cultural associations. There’s a great deal of free content for everybody. But if you’re a student and your teacher uses iTunes U, you can see assignments, submit your job, view grades, join group discussions with classmates, and much more. And if your professor does not use iTunes U, there can be content out there that might be a beneficial addition to learning something you are covering in class.

11. Memrise

Students can use this app for foreign language training. With access to fun games, over 30,000 native speaker movies, and chatbots, the Memrise app lets everyone learn how to read, write and speak foreign languages like Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.

The learning can be validated through games like Difficult Words, Speed Evaluation, and Listening Skills. The Memrise Pro even has the choice to experience language learning on the go with offline mode access.

12. Microsoft Office 365

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If you’re used to Microsoft Office or don’t need to use Apple’s software, you can get Microsoft Office. This app comprises Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in one app, but you could catch them separately on the App Store also.

With the Microsoft Office app, you receive Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in one place. You can edit, create, and collaborate with others in real-time, but a Microsoft 365 subscription might require some premium features. However, you may use the app to look at and create files without paying anything.

13. Microsoft OneNote

For people who are invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, OneNote is an exceptional option to Evernote. With OneNote, you can make an unlimited number of electronic notebooks for each subject you are taking and take notes in an organized manner.

OneNote lets students type out notes and hand them sketch diagrams, import photographs, collaborate with others, and much more. There’s also a Sticky Notes feature that allows you to store notes for easy reference later, and they’re synced to all your devices. You may download OneNote for free and use it with your Microsoft Account or an account that’s assigned to you by your college.

14. Motion Math: Fractions!

This app for students with iPhone from Motion Math is an interactive game for pupils to learn and understand fractions.

Motion Math Fractions! The app is a simple game where you can follow a star that attempts to make its way back home in a distant galaxy. The various levels of the game motivate one to keep on playing. This, in turn, enhances your learning chart. The game can help you to develop a fast and precise perception of fractions.

15. Pages, Keynote, and Numbers

If you’re in college classes, the possibilities are high that you will need a presentation creator, word processor, or spreadsheet application. And if you are working with your iPhone or iPad (or even a Mac), then there’s nothing better than Apple’s suite of office software.

Pages is Apple’s word processor that does all the very same things you could see in Microsoft Word, but in a sleeker interface that’s easy to use. Keynote is similar to PowerPoint but a lot more compact and enjoyable to use. Plus, Numbers is like Excel so that you can create spreadsheets to your heart’s content. And all three of those programs can save files that are compatible with Microsoft Office, too, if you will need to submit files on the internet as a .doc document or similar, for instance.


Create Research papers, resumes, electronic books, posters, and much more effortlessly.


Impress the class with excellent presentations in Keynote.


Make spreadsheets for all of the information you need, complete with basic formulas, charts, and charts.

16. PCalc

For college students, the odds are high that you will be taking a math course of some kind, especially if you’re an undergrad. If that is the case, you might want a powerful calculator on your iPhone and iPad, and it is difficult to beat PCalc.

With PCalc, you are getting a feature-rich calculator capable of basic calculations all of the way up to more advanced equations. It’s an optional RPN mode in addition to multi-line screen, customizable button designs, unit conversions, and constants, multiple undo and redo, paper tape, technology and scientific notation, hexadecimal support, and binary calculations. PCalc is excellent for scientists, engineers, students, developers, and anyone else that want a powerful calculator.

17. Peak

Students can enjoy playing while enhancing their intellectual, thinking, and problem-solving abilities. The Peak app has a collection of games to help students to push their abilities to the maximum.

Based on the areas which need improvement, parents and teachers can assist them in selecting the game that improves their memory and focus or one which boosts their problem-solving capability and mental agility.  Some games enhance their coordination, creativity, language, or even emotion management.

18. Quick Graph

The Quick Graph app features implicit charts and tracing and works well with all standard coordinate systems. Wireframe and solid visualization, hyperbolic and inverse functions, and enhanced equation visualization will be the highlighted features of this app.

This app works with remarkable speed, and you’ve got choices to copy, save or email the results to the picture library.

19. Screens VNC

While services like Dropbox are amazing for accessing our files from any device, what about using our apps on desktop computers? In case you have Screens VNC, then it is entirely possible.

Screens VNC lets you connect to a computer from anywhere in the world at any given moment. With Screens VNC, you can upgrade your computer even if you’re away from it, work with your computer software, and also access files that might not be in the cloud. All you will need to do is download Screens, set up an account, and join. You may need Screens VNC on either your iPhone or iPad and your Mac or PC.

20. Socrative Student

With the Socrative Student app, you can take advantage of quick question surveys, quizzes, space races, and exit tickets to assess your level of knowledge.

Teachers can take advantage of this app to evaluate the understanding of the entire class. Students may use the teacher’s unique code to access the teacher’s room without the requirement for any student accounts.

21. Study Blue

Using the StudyBlue education app for Apple users, the study materials can be customized in audio and images. This app lets students monitor their progress, quiz themselves, and also creates study reminders.

Digital Flashcards can be created and shared at no cost. The research materials made for your classes can be retrieved flawlessly across phones, computers, and tabs. This app is creating a fad among students of diverse standards with over 5 million downloads.

22. Symbolab Calculator

Are you worried about how to address difficult math problems? The Symbolab Calculator app enables you to access step-wise solutions to mathematical problems, making you understand the issue and solution in detail.

This maths solver app provides access to a broad assortment of calculators like equation calculators, integral calculators, limit calculators, derivative calculators, and inequality calculators. The app includes different sections of the subject, Such as Geometry, Functions Pre- Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Algebra, Matrix, Pre-Calculus, Vectors, and Statistics.

So here you have seen the long list of useful Apple apps that most students can get help from.  Depending on the situation you are in review this list and you may get lucky and find yourself a useful tool.

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