Learn How To Code In A New Language, At Your Own Pace

Here’s a list of interactive programming courses online. No matter what your interest, you should find something here.

Most of these courses are self-paced, interactive and lesson-based, so you can fit them into your busy schedule.

Website Language Lessons
http://nova.umuc.edu/~jarc/sdsd/ C++ Yes
http://4clojure.com/ Clojure Yes
http://tryclj.com/ Clojure Yes
http://css3please.com/ CSS No
http://dabblet.com/ CSS No
http://teamtreehouse.com/ CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Objective-C, XCode Yes, with payment
http://tinkerbin.com/ CSS, HTML, JavaScript No
http://w3schools.com/ CSS, HTML, JavaScript Yes
http://tryfsharp.org/ F# Yes
http://golang.org/ Go Yes
http://tryhaskell.org/ Haskell Yes
http://jsfiddle.net/ HTML, JavaScript No
http://codingbat.com/ Java, Python Yes
http://codecademy.com/ JavaScript Yes
http://codetowin.appspot.com/ JavaScript Yes
http://trybloc.com/ JavaScript, Ruby Yes
http://eloquentjavascript.net/ JavaScript Yes
http://learn.appendto.com/ JavaScript, jQuery Yes
http://ugcs.caltech.edu/~rona/tlisp/ Lisp No
http://try.ocamlpro.com/ OCaml Yes
http://repl.it/ 15+ Languages No
http://ideone.com/ 40+ Languages No
http://codepad.org/ 10+ Languages No
http://codeschool.com/ 10+ Languages Yes, but requires payment
http://wibit.net/ Many Yes
http://code.google.com/p/crunchy/ Python Yes
http://learnpython.org/ Python Yes
http://pyschools.com/ Python Yes
http://pythonanywhere.com/ Python No
http://trypython.org/ Python Yes
http://hackety-hack.com/ Ruby Yes, but not in browser
http://rubymonk.com/ Ruby Yes
http://tryruby.org/ Ruby Yes
http://sqlzoo.net/ SQL Yes


Thanks to Reddit for the tip!

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