Colorado Springs, CO is home to critical national defense and aerospace industries given that it has various concentrations of businesses linked to this industry. There are different companies involved in the commercial aerospace business, cybersecurity business, engineering as well as commands and military bases, so lots of opportunities for contractor jobs.

Colorado Springs boasts of more than 240 Aerospace and Defense companies, and the industry has more than 105,000 employees.  Some of the world’s advanced technologies in defense such as satellite communication, cybersecurity, and global positioning are found in Colorado Springs. The industries attract a highly skilled workforce in different sectors of the defense industry.

There are many jobs for contractors in Colorado Springs, and they focus on various elements of the defense industry. As such, the list below outlines the types of jobs usually offered in the defense industry in the state of Colorado. The list also highlights various companies that provide contract services in the defense industry in Colorado Springs.

Contractor Jobs In The Defense Sector In Colorado

There are different types of jobs for defense contractors in Colorado. The contractors usually offer temporary contract placement opportunities depending on the duration of the contract. The contractors also provide direct hire opportunities where they choose individuals with requisite skills to perform various tasks.

Many types of jobs in the defense area in Colorado mainly focus on the development of various projects with a link to the missile.  Other significant roles in the defense industry are related to Information Technology (IT). Contractors usually seek the services of qualified people with qualifications in Computer Science and other related fields.

The other issue is that contractors are also interested in hiring applicants with security clearances. Much of the work performed by the contractors is for agencies within the Intelligence Community in the US. Some of the primary jobs offered by the contractors include but are not limited to the following.

contractor programming job

Network Administrator

The job falls under the IT/Hardware industry, and the suitable person for this job is responsible for managing different aspects of the network system. The system consists of communication technology is used in various activities such as monitoring the radar system in the aerospace sector.

Software Engineer

The job involves software development in the aerospace and defense industries. The incumbent person should have a degree in computer sciences or related field. He should also have expert knowledge in different areas of the defense and intelligence sector. The ideal candidate for the job should also have experience in software development and programming.

Network Engineer

The job is suitable for a qualified person with expert knowledge and skills to perform tasks related to network development as well as maintenance. Communication technology is central

Cyber Security Auditor

The incumbent for this job is responsible for monitoring the cybersecurity system to ensure that it does not violate the federal regulations. The position also involves checking if there are no breaches that can compromise the security of the defense industry.

Maintenance Technician

The job requires constant monitoring of the whole system if it is in good working order. The technicians are supposed to attend to all technical issues quickly. The process can also involve the replacement of equipment that has become obsolete. Technicians should continuously inspect all the stuff to ensure that it is in good working condition.

Manufacturing Engineer

The ideal candidate for this position is responsible for the design and manufacturing of different equipment required in various sectors of the department of defense. Engineers also perform testing of different material to check if it is suitable for use in the defense industry.

Special Security Representative

The ideal candidate for this type of job is responsible for ensuring compliance with the security standards of the department of defense.

Systems Engineers

These people are supposed to have knowledge and experience in designing and developing various systems appropriate for different departments in defense. The systems engineers also have an essential task of maintaining the system and upgrading it where necessary.

space scientists

Cloud Enterprise Architects

Jobs in this sector require the incumbents to perform various tasks related to cloud computing. The strategy helps improve efficiency in data storage and processing from the cloud.

Aerospace Engineering Services

The aerospace involves different activities, and the ideal candidate for this position should know different areas. Knowledge in spacecraft is a requirement for the positions in the engineering services.

Defense Contractors in Colorado Springs

contractor job

There are different defense contractors in Colorado Springs, and they include the following.


Boeing offers various services to the defense industry in Colorado Springs like missile defense and Space-Based surveillance satellite tracking system. The company also provides services related to upgrades of the Global Positioning System in the satellite network.

Software design and hardware upgrades are some of the different tasks that Boeing contributes to the defense industries in Colorado Springs. Other services include updates of military-communications satellite system given that Boeing’s expertise suits various needs of the defense industry.

There are also different other tasks that that fit in Boeing’s portfolio that that span from continuous product support. The support covers cybersecurity products, advanced weapons, and aircraft derivatives. The firm leverages on its expert knowledge in different sectors related to the defense industry to deliver value to the customers.

General Dynamics IT Corporation

General Dynamics offers future-focused technology as well as services, and it also partners with government, intelligence community and defense to provide cutting-edge technology. The organization aims to deliver solutions that can make a difference particularly in the defense industry where it is a major contractor for different services.

The company provides explicitly IT solutions to the defense companies in Colorado Springs. Being an IT-specific company, General Dynamics researches different technologies that can help the operations of the defense industry. The company offers different IT solutions in hardware and software development to the defense industry on a contract basis.

Harris Corporation

Harris Corporation is a leader in technology innovation, and it provides critical solutions in the communications sector. The company has the following business segments: Space and Intelligence Systems, Communications Systems and Electronic Systems.

The company usually gets contracts to supply components like two-channel handheld radios and other communication-related equipment. Harris Corporation also provides services like space intelligence systems and tactical communications systems. In Colorado Springs, Harris Corporations also offer services like Space Surveillance Systems that give awareness data to track space objects.

The company also provides weapon systems management and engineering services on a contract basis to the defense industry in Colorado. It also offers engineering and technical support on a regular basis. Other services include upgrading the radar and surveillance systems. The systems play crucial roles in tracking aircraft as well as monitoring radio communications in various sectors within the defense industry.

Harris also gets contracts aimed at pursuing future development continuous work on Airforce GPS Control Segment. The control segment involves ground hardware as well as software that is used to control space vehicles as well as their payloads.


SAIC pride themselves as collaborators, integrators, and problem-solvers determined to offer solutions that help in decision making. The company aims to make a difference in the national security system by integrating multiple disciplines to give answers that help to complement the existing operations.

SAAI uses the strategy of collaboration to improve decision making by integrating authoritative data and a common type of digital models. The company also offers services in intelligence, engineering, technical and information technology.

The organization often gets contracts from the department of defense to upgrade and maintain the Army Resources Computer Support systems. The company also provides testing, manufacturing and engineering contracts to the department of security in Colorado Springs. A lot of services have a strong orientation toward information technology and innovation.

L-3 Communications

L-3 Communications is a global network company that offers communication-related services in the sectors of intelligence, surveillance, and secure communication systems. The company emphasizes the secure connection to the network and the reason why it gets contracts from the defense department. Security issues are a top priority in the defense department.

The company also leverages innovation where it continues to make inroads in the development of communication systems for the military. It also provides services in aerospace engineering, satellite systems, software development, and electronic systems.

L-3 Communications works with the Department of Defense through the provision of a variety of technology products. These include electro-optics, signal intelligence, satellite communications, data links as well as electrical power equipment. The company also provides maintenance services to a variety of communication tools that it offers.

Source:  Jake Voorhees

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin operates in defense security, aerospace and technologies industries. It mainly specializes in aeronautics, fire control, missiles and space systems. In Colorado Springs, the organization gets different contracts from the defense department.

An excellent example of a contract it got was related to the modification of the Space-Based Infrared System and offering logistics support. It also gets contracts to perform tasks such as mission integration, maintenance commodities as well as mission assurance.

The other services it also offers include infrastructure maintenance and sustainment, program management, systems engineering as well as the launch site and range operations. Maintenance is usually an ongoing process to ensure that the infrastructure and equipment it provides to the defense department are in good working conditions.

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Corporation specializes in aerospace and defense technology in America. It deals with innovative and security systems and provides a variety of services to the Department of Defense. In Colorado Springs, the firm is a major contractor for the defense industry.

For instance, Northrop Grumman has an indefinite contract with the Department of Defense for sustainment services and modification of radar sensors. The group also has contractual obligations to perform some work on Ballistic Early Warning System as well as PAVE Phased Array Warning radar system.

The above work is supposed to take place in Colorado Springs and expected to run until the end of May in 2023. The project for the company with the Department of Defense is very long, and maintenance services will also follow. Other projects usually run for a couple of months then followed by sustainment and maintenance work.

The company also gets other contracts related to carrying out maintenance and repairs of the orbit for USA space, tracking as well as the surveillance system. These are significant projects since they involve sensitive operations in the aerospace industry.


Raytheon is a leading technology and innovation company that specializes in defense and homeland security. The company provides state-of-the-art mission systems integration, electronics as well as communications.

Raytheon also provides a variety of contract-based services to the defense industry in Colorado Springs. These include intelligence systems, mission systems, and support services to the defense industry in Colorado Springs. Command and control are other services that the company offers different defense entities within the defense sector.

The company also performs tasks like development and sustainment work on the Air Force’s GPS. The control segment mainly focuses on controlling space vehicles through the use of different ground hardware and software to ensure smooth movement. The program aims to provide accurate, secure and precise satellite navigation to enhance security in the aircraft sector.

E-9 Enterprises Inc.

E-9 Enterprises Inc. provides contracting services to the Federal Government, military services as well as the Department of Defense. In Colorado Springs, the organization offers a variety of contractual services to the Department of Defense. Some of the services include information technology, engineering services, base installation as well as acquisition and logistics.

Polaris Alpha

Polaris Alpha is a leader in providing mission-critical solutions, specialized domain expertise and software to the defense and intelligence departments. The firm is a major contractor for the Colorado Springs defense. It performs different projects in phases, and it also offers maintenance services.

It offers services in cybersecurity, information, and technology as well as intelligence analysis software.  There another significant thing about the company is that it employees IT professionals with expert knowledge crucial areas such as software development.

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